avatarPat Palmer has a wonderful message. She takes a masterful and loving approach to personal healing, cutting straight to the spiritual truths that heal our emotions and free our minds. Her book is a gentle reminder of what’s deeply true.
Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson
avatarApplying spiritual truth to our every human lives is hard to do and methods of so doing are seldom given. In this superb little book, Rev. Pat Palmer has provided just such a program that is simple, practical and philosophically sound. A much needed handbook for anyone endeavoring to live consciously.
Colin Tipping Author of “Radical Forgiveness”

Colin Tipping
avatarIn this wonderful concise book Pat Palmer beautifully describes the essentials of authentic emotional healing and well-being that anyone can easily understand and apply to their personal issues. Blending her own considerable life experience with proven psychological principles, she presents a superb and unique approach to the dilemma confronting us all in the modern world.

John Ruskan Author “Emotional Clearing”

John Ruskan
avatarThe Clearing Process is one of the best techniques I know of for unearthing and releasing those old emotions and belief systems we unconsciously hold which create lifelong patterns affecting every aspect of our being.

Lisa Pasquinelli, Ph.D; Clinical Psychologist, San Rafael, CA

Lisa Pasquinelli, Ph.D
avatarThis book is incredible - it’s like GOLD! Such straight forward help! The writing is very clear -- and makes sense. I’m really impressed with the structure and order of it. There are people out there who are really READY to do this work, and this book will be their Bible. You and your Soul wrote this book!

Carina Reisberg, Rife Therapist

Carina Reisberg
avatarRev. Pat Palmer has written a powerful book that anyone can use to clear out emotional wounds. The Clearing Process is a step by step process that enables one to feel and then release toxic emotions from early woundings. The result of using the process is freedom and renewed sources of energy and joy.

Nevin Valentine; Imago Couples International

Nevin Valentine
avatarI have been a student of metaphysics and New Thought for over 25 years. Recently I experienced a particular challenging emotional situation in which all my years of spiritual practice confused me. Pat was gently able to guide me back to my spiritual foundation by leading me to go deeper into the mystery, and allowing my inner guidance to resurface. Her wisdom and the Clearing Process are a life raft for me.

Rita McLain, Forest Knolls, CA

Rita McLain
avatarI loved your book Pat! It is very clear and easy to follow and I KNOW how powerful this kind of work is I am going to recommend it to my spiritual group!

Rev. Grace Koch, St. Petersburg, FL

Rev. Grace Koch
avatarThank you for reminding me of my own vibrations; the ones that influence the way in which I relate to my own loved ones. I have been seeing that this is totally about the vibes I’m putting out there! I am so grateful for the work we’ve done together!
Biba Bell Detroit, MI

Biba Bell