About Pat


The Clearing Process was begun by Rev. Pat Palmer as a natural outcome of her passion for spiritual and psychological understanding and the experiences of her own emotional healing.

Through an early family life of dysfunction and violence, and a young adulthood of continued pain, Pat had learned first-hand about limiting beliefs and continuing blame and victim patterns. Many years of addiction and failed relationships generated great enough pain to drive her to look deeper. The way out of that cycle resulted in the amazing Clearing Process.

While working in jobs as diverse as waitressing and teaching mathematics at the University of Florida, she earned a masters degree in Counseling Psychology. That, coupled with her spiritual awakening through the Science of Mind philosophy, provided the grounding to develop a powerful pathway to mental and emotional health. Rev. Pat became a minister in 1994, and founded the Center for Conscious Living in Clearwater, Florida, which continues today as the Center for Spiritual Living Florida Gulfcoast.

The Clearing Process solidified through twenty years of helping others with their emotional issues. It grew out of research and experimentation with different healing modalities, combined with the understanding and practices developed by Pat during her work with congregants at the Center for Conscious Living.