Can the Clearing Process Help You?

Situations in one’s life that might benefit from the Clearing Process include:

  • Relationships
  • Work difficulties
  • Family Issues
  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Depression
  • Inappropriate anger or guilt


  • When your emotional reaction to something is more intense than is called for
  • When a feeling keeps cropping up in your life, even when you try to avoid it
  • When a couple is buried in blame, discouraged and falling out of love


  • If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • If you believe you are meant to live joyfully and powerfully
  • If you are motivated to do whatever it takes to change your vibration
  • If you believe that a spiritual energy is available when we turn to it
  • Couples who want to fall in love with each other again
Here are sample situations that could be transformed through the Clearing Process. 
1) Your significant other repeatedly threatens to break up, saying that you are irresponsible and he can’t trust you.
2) You and your sister haven’t spoken in ten years. You’d like to reunite, but feel like she hates you.
3) Repeatedly you find yourself struggling to have enough money to meet your expenses.
4) You are so upset by the way that you see your daughter’s family raising your grandson. You’ve tried to talk with her about it and she gets very angry if you say anything at all critical to her.
5) You’ve been married for 18 years and are about ready to give it up because you just cannot find the way to be yourself in the marriage; you feel like you have to be pretending all the time.
6) Frequently you find yourself getting really angry. You lose your temper with your kids a lot, and even hit them sometimes.
7) Sometimes you date, but mostly you find that you just don’t have any interest. You get asked out a lot, but it feels like a waste of time, since it always ends up that the guy is not your type of person.
8) Depression has plagued you for the past several years, ever since you moved across the bay. Your husband is very discouraged and tired of you just wanting to sleep all the time.